Church Plants


Life Covenant Mozambique Churches
The map shows the history of the 18 Life Covenant Mozambique churches that have been planted since 2010. The first church location coincided with the original orphanage, the Melanie Center.  After that Pastor John Jone envisioned many more churches being planted all throughout Mozambique. In 2014, a second orphanage called Melanie Center #2 was built in Chimoio and along with it another church. Soon after John was working with many more pastors helping them to start new churches. With so many churches being planted, the original Melanie Center church in Beira now plays a pivotal role in providing training to new pastors from churches all over Mozambique.
We aim to train pastors and leaders in partnership with our USA leadership team, USA churches, The Evangelical Covenant Church Leadership, our missionaries on the ground (Alex & Melanie Viana), and our all-Mozambican ministry team. Our goal is to equip them with theological training and leadership development. In doing so we enable them to plant additional churches in the rural communities of Central and Northern Mozambique.
Our churches focus on:
·      -Teaching the Word of God
·      -Relational Evangelism
·      -Discipleship
·      -Regular and Authentic Worship Services
·      -Bible Studies
·      -Community Care

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