Self-Sustainment Projects

In 2012, Life for Mozambique started the Self-Sustainment initiative. Our long-term goal is to offer our Mozambican leaders the dignity and pride of sustaining a large majority of the operating costs of their orphanages and community centers. We’re accomplishing this through teaching our Mozambican leaders valuable entrepreneurial skills, offering employment for local Mozambicans, and providing important food needs for nearby community members. These projects are successfully generating profits that help fund the monthly operating costs of the Melanie Center. Currently, we have two initiatives:

Chicken Business (aka MozamBEAKS): With the help of Life Covenant Church members, this business was started in January 2013. In short, we purchase baby chicks, raise them for a 30-45 day cycle, and then process/sell them to members of the community. We have two large chicken pavilions capable of holding a combined 500 chickens. This business employs two members of the community full time, and profits are reasonably offsetting operating costs.

Milling Business: On our 2014 trip to Mozambique, we learned that members of the community surrounding the Melanie Center were walking over 10 miles round trip to get their corn and rice milled into a flour-like consistency to make the Mozambican staple “Maize”. After doing some research, we determined that building a mill at the Melanie Center would not only be a great convenience for the women and children doing these long treks, it also had the potential to significantly offset the orphanage’s operating costs. After receiving generous donations from big-hearted women at Life Covenant Church, we were able to build this mill and inaugurate it in 2016! The mill is now up and running, is employing local workers, and is the absolute pride of the community. In the future, we believe this will be a very profitable business for the Melanie Center.

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