Please join us as we love and support our brothers and sisters in Mozambique this Christmas Season.

On the banks of the Zambezi River in Central Mozambique lies the village community of Marromeu. The residents live a life all too common in Mozambique. Food is scarce. It takes hours of work and effort to secure drinking water. Parents can’t afford the basic supplies to send their children to school. Extra clothing is a luxury.

During a recent Regional Bible Training Conference, our on-the-ground leaders Pastors John and Maria Jone were met first-hand with the poverty suffered by the people of Marromeu. The Jones, along with input from Alex and Melanie Viana decided to create an outpost in the village. Far smaller than a Melanie Center, the Marromeu Outpost will be a place where community members can come to get everyday basics. It will be a refuge of relief in a place that needs help and hope for the poorest of the poor.

This Christmas season, Life for Mozambique is inviting donors to join us in bringing immediate assistance to Marromeu. We have several Advent Kits containing food, clothing, and school supplies for you to choose from. Instead of giving one more material gift to a family member, friend, or coworker, you can donate an Advent Kit (or two!) in their name and give a gift of love and compassion to those less fortunate in Mozambique. It will be a gift that not only meets physical needs, but also one that conveys the true meaning of Christmas, joy, selflessness, and hope!

God Bless, and Merry Christmas!

( See This Year’s Advent Kits Below! )

Advent Kit: Food for the Whole Family ($50-$100)

When you purchase an Advent Kit: Food for the Whole Family, we will provide 1 month’s supply of food for a family in the community of Marromeu. Each Kit will include: rice, flour, beans, cooking oil, sugar and hygiene products.

$50 – Family of Four

$100 – Family of Seven

Advent Kit: School Uniforms ($25)

When you purchase an Advent Kit: School Uniform, we will provide a complete set of school uniforms for a boy or girl in the community of Marromeu. Each Kit will include: pair of pants or a skirt, shirt, tie, and shoes.

$25 – School Uniforms

Advent Kit: School Supplies ($20)

When you purchase an Advent Kit: School Supplies, we will provide essential school supplies for a child in the community of Marromeu. Each Kit will include: a backpack, 5 notebooks, pens, pencils, eraser, ruler and colored pencils.

$20 – School Supplies

Advent Kit: Outfit for One ($10)

When you purchase an Advent Kit: Outfit for One, we will provide shoes and clothing for one individual, to be provided to the members of the community of Marromeu.  Each Kit will include: a dress or a pair of pants with a shirt, and shoes.

$10 – Outfit for One

Advent Kit: Custom Donation

If you would like to combine Advent Kits or if you would like to simply donate an amount of your choosing, you can select an amount and let us know any instructions in the comment section.

Custom Donation