Church Planting

The very first Evangelical Covenant Church in Mozambique was planted in conjunction with the founding of the original Melanie Center in Beira.

Through the collective vision of Life for Mozambique and Pastors John and Maria Jone, hundreds of churches have been planted throughout Mozambique.

Planting Bodies of Believers That Glorify God and Raise Up Communities

Since 2010 more than 500 churches have BEEN planted throughout Mozambique.

The Evangelical Covenant Church of Mozambique, in partnership with Life Covenant Church Torrance and The Evangelical Covenant Church of America continue to support this growing network of churches. The ever-expanding reach of the gospel has allowed us to plant churches across Mozambique and into the country of Malawi as well.

life for moz 500 churches planted
  • 91

    Province of Manica

  • 100

    Province of Sofala

  • 223

    Province of Tete

  • 68

    Province of Zambezia

  • 46

    Country of Malawi

Audio Bibles

We’ve found that one of the most effective ways to share the Word of God is through the use of audio bibles. Unfortunately, Mozambique is a place where a majority of the citizens don’t know how to read. And finding printed bibles in the appropriate languages for those who can read is another challenge. That’s why the audio bibles are so powerful. In conjunction with Faith Comes Through Hearing, we’re able to provide churches with the Word of God in their followers’ primary languages.

Bringing Christ To Those In Need And Helping Them Grow Spiritually

With so many churches being planted, the original Melanie Center church in Beira now plays a pivotal role in providing a place for training new pastors and evangelists, as well as ongoing education for our existing pastors and church leaders.

The Vianas and pastors John and Maria work with local Mozambican pastors and evangelists, providing training and assistance in the planting of all new churches. Our leadership teams travel all over Mozambique to provide for the needs of these churches including business like the milling business, sewing business and more.