Community Development

Life for Mozambique has a unique advantage in how we are able to care for the poor in Mozambique. First of all, we have over 17 years of experience as a ministry. With that experience comes a highly connected “native” leadership team, that is well-respected by the local, city, and national Mozambican governments. These leaders are adept at working with local leadership, community leaders, and government officials in very marginalized communities.

We also have an on-the-ground American team with over 30 years of both business and ministry experience. And finally, the U.S.-based Life for Mozambique team is completely made up of volunteers. We don’t have offices or salaries. We have a minuscule amount of overhead. All donations go to the ministry or to ministry related expenses. In addition, 100 percent of specifically designated donations will go directly to Mozambique and to the exact ministry or project for which it is intended. These qualities ensure that we are giving the best care possible and that your donations are going to where you truly want them to go.

Loving Mozambican Communities, Not Just Our Next-Door Neighbors

In 2012, Life for Mozambique started the Self-Sustainment initiative. Our long-term goal is to offer our Mozambican leaders the dignity and pride of sustaining a large majority of the operating costs of their orphanages and community centers. We’re accomplishing this through teaching our Mozambican leaders valuable entrepreneurial skills, offering employment for local Mozambicans, and providing important food needs for nearby community members. These projects are successfully generating profits that help fund the monthly operating costs of the Melanie Center.

Community Development

Working to help people to improve their lives.

  • Literacy program
  • Vocational sewing school
  • Provide job opportunities
  • Provide training in animal husbandry (chickens, ducks, turkeys, goats, and rabbits)
  • Provide clean water wells
  • Assist in improving housing conditions (repairing /replace roofing, walls, doors, etc.)
  • Repaired and built new homes damaged by 2019’s cyclone Idai and other natural disasters
  • Helping to maintain roads into community
  • Providing preschool and kindergarten education at MC1 & MC2

Community Care

Providing instant services for children and families that have immediate needs.

  • Provide food for families in times of need either through buying food or sharing our crops that we grow on site.
  • Provide medical assistance for community families (this includes purchasing medication).
  • Assist with educational supplies for school children (backpacks, pencils, photocopies, uniforms, etc.).
  • Provide regular meals for community children at both Melanie Centers.
  • Provide clean drinking water for community families when wells are dry.

How We Were Able to Help After a Catastrophic Cyclone In 2019