Theological Training

In 2015, founding members of Life Covenant Church (Alex and Melanie Viana) moved to Mozambique with their family, to assist in the training and education of our Mozambican pastors, evangelists, and leaders.

Strengthening Church Leaders In Their Faith And Understand Of Christ

Because our churches are in the hard-to-reach areas of Mozambique, most of our leaders have received little to no education. This means that as we train these men and women, we need to be creative and innovative while still communicating the depth and beauty of the Bible and its meaning in their lives. We do this by using Audio Bibles, visual aids, and lots of memorization. Our leaders are eager to learn. The result is the empowerment of our pastors and evangelists.

Planting Bodies Of Believers That Glorify God And Raise Up Communities

Our training includes pastors, evangelists, and their wives. This helps them to work more effectively as a team. This method also provides for the elevation of women in the Mozambican culture. As women are trained, they discover their true worth and pass it on throughout their families and communities. These women become bolder in sharing their faith and in leading in their churches.