Orphan Care

Providing family-like love, care, and education for the poorest of the poor.

We seek to provide opportunities, education, and resources that help facilitate physical and spiritual transformation in the lives of the people we serve and work alongside.

Providing A Home In Which Children Can Learn, Grow, and Thrive

LFM currently operates two orphanages in Mozambique. The first is named the Melanie Center and is in the town of Beira and opened in 2008. The second (the Melanie Center II), located in the city of Chomoio, became operational in 2014. The third Melanie Center outside the city of Songo will be opening soon!

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    Melanie Centers

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The Life-Changing Impact of our

Orphan Care Ministry

The Melanie Centers are facilities that provide children with a safe and loving home. The children are given personal attention, food, medical care, clothing, and educational assistance. Both facilities combine to house approximately 55 children at a given time. And since 2008, hundreds of children have been cared for and transitioned into forever-families through adoption or other long-term care facilities.

LFM has a very strong and favorable working-relationship with the local governments and city officials. Because of the wonderful reputation of high-quality and family-like personal care we offer at the Melanie Centers, many of the children come to the Melanie Centers from the government because they are at a high risk nutritionally, physically, or emotionally. Others need extreme levels of provision because they are HIV/AIDS positive.

The Melanie Centers are much more than orphanages. They act as a local community center too, providing much of the same care to the children and the adults in the surrounding neighborhoods. Both centers have full-time staff members who live on-site. And, both centers contain a local Life Covenant church that offer weekly worship services.

On Site Schools

Imagine only being able to attend school for a couple of hours per day, for just a few days a week. Add to that a student to teacher ratio of anywhere between 50 to 100 – 1. That’s the reality of life and education in Mozambique. Since schools reopened after the Covid-19 pandemic, we now have two full-time teachers at both Melanie Centers. Our learning centers have not replaced the local public school.

But now, in a much smaller classroom setting, our children are able to get the necessary time, attention, and accountability that the government-run schools just aren’t able to provide. Additionally, in some places, a lack of teachers or overcrowding limits the time in the classroom for Mozambican children. Therefore, the Melanie Center 2 operates a government-sponsored daily preschool for local youngsters, allowing them to get a head start on their education.